Thank you for your support!

Thanks Purrs & Barks! Great to see Ellie is recovering nicely! “A massive thank you to Brian, Tom and all the staff from ellie… she has been given a second chance at a safe and happy life and that wouldnt have been possible without all the support you have shown us both now and in […]

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Meet Winston

Winston the very special number one favourite Bull Terrier. Before he came to us in April 2013 he had a torrid time with operations, drug therapies and junk food diets. Nothing worked and he got sicker and sicker. He could hardly walk, slept 23 hours a day and barely ate. His eyes were full of […]

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Meet Doze

Doze after 7 days on Science Death diet. Note yellow teeth, swollen gums and slight bleeding at gum margin — and his breath stinks. The bacterial biofilm colonising teeth that are not scrubbed clean at every meal. The yellow appearance is due deposition of tartar. Let’s see what further deterioration occurs in the next 7 […]

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Hello Puppy

Look at these adorable Belgian Shepherd Dartagnan thrive on fun training methods and raw meaty bones at 8 weeks. This could be your dog! It’s never too late to revert to a natural healthy diet. You’re pets deserve the very best.

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Wally 2.0

See Wally Muir with tongue lolling immediately after total teeth extractions back in 2013. Now in 2015 his tongue permanently lolls out of his mouth. But at least his gums are healed and he’s pain free. Without teeth Wally can’t chew his natural food. So his chicken carcasses are minced and he gets some chopped […]

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